The New Georgie Witherspoon

Young Adult; Contemporary

About the Book:
If being introduced into Nevada’s elite on her sixteenth birthday means she’ll have to shave her legs, then Georgie Witherspoon would rather the elite go straight to whatever kind of hell exists for them. But her pushy Mother won’t let her back out of this sixty-year-old family tradition. Since everything else has been set in motion, the only thing left to get ready is the Debutante herself. Georgie’s sister offers a makeover to cure her of her fluffy armpits, slight unibrow, and her self-imposed allergy to bras. 

The pressure is on from friends, family, and the clergy to see a change in Georgie’s appearance and her hot temper. Neither one is easy going. After overhearing her Daddy worry about being embarrassed by his daughter at her big debut, she gives in. The makeover brings the most unwanted attention: Keaton, her BFF and resident school hottie looking to score a new band of groupies; Sagan, gentle and sweet and in love with Georgie since she was seven; and the handsome and wealthy Sean who is looking to marry an heiress.

Time is running out. Sean is introducing her to his parents, Sagan is phone serenading, and Keaton is willing to cut a deal for a date. Georgie wants a quick end to this primped and posh nightmare, even if it means leaving her suitor a bloodied mess on the Ballroom floor.

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Loni's Poetry Book

Middle Grade; Contemporary

About the Book:

Loni Tanner is ten years old, a veteran poet, an avid reader, and is able to create visions so vivid that she can taste and smell them. Every night before she goes to sleep, she transports herself to Key West, Florida where she is a world famous poet with lots of friends who love her. Life there is much better than her real life in Virginia where she writes poetry no one ever sees and has friends that always tell her how stupid, fat, and weird she is. 

Then she meets Marilee Schuller. They share a love of books and a passion for writing. Loni even shares with Marilee her most prized possession: her poetry book. It is the kind of friendship Loni has always wanted. 

Loni’s old friends, however, find her new friendship with Marilee fake and annoying. Especially since Loni is becoming quite the snob! But Loni loves her new life with Marilee and she isn’t too eager to ruin it all by telling the truth. So if keeping her friendship with Marilee means sneaking around, dodging uncomfortable questions, avoiding her old friends—and even her own brothers—that is what Loni will do. Yet Loni’s fantasy is about to lead her to the truth about Marilee Schuller. And herself.

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