Bees Don't Know - from Art Journal
I am Charli.
I was an Actor.
I am an Author.
I am an Artist.

I am the Walrus. 

I could not resist.

The Fire Is In Me - from Art Journal
My journey as an Actor began when I was five years old and I made my stage debut as a little hula dancer. My first starring role would come when I was seven and playing a sweet old lady in a retirement home watching from a window as some burglars took a baby. Or something like that. I just remember the final line was: "A baby. They took a baby." I don't even remember if that was my line! Anyway, since then, it has been a fun journey of musicals, comedies, drama, pantos, four national tours, and a few Burlesque Nutcrackers. I have recently decided to pack it in and say goodbye to the stage. Alas, I won't say no to a film offer from Martin Scorcese. Or Tim Burton. Or Quentin Tarantino>

Write - from Art Journal

One day, writing was something I did to busy myself while waiting for my parents to finish errands. The next thing I knew, it was saving my life. The death of my older sister found me filling up notebooks and random sheets of paper with stories about characters that became a source of peace. These were people and places I could control; where no one became terminally ill and everyone lived forever. I entered Junior High still depressed over the death and became an easy bully target for my fellow inmates because I had no fight in me. So I wrote. My books are character driven and are about relationships and personal growth. I write for Children, Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult and Adult.

Artists Touch The Soul - from Art Journal
  Visual Art is an ongoing journey of love and honest, sometimes brutal, emotion. I love the look and feel of charcoal on my arms and hands. I like to play with different textures. As a young girl, I loved adding stickers and stamps to my work. That has yet to change. Photography has a special place in my heart. I am most attracted to Black and White and I develop my own film and photos. It is something I still treasure in this digital age.