Monday, August 23, 2021



...You have to do a thing to see how you can do it better.

I could have tweeted this thought. 


Monday, July 19, 2021

One Of The "Joys"...


...of DIY--when you don't know what on earth you are doing and are learning as you go--is the sheer amount of time it is taking to figure it all out. 

I accept that this is just the reality of learning as you go and the pay off is next time will be much easier as I will already have she skills to complete the task quicker. Yet, as I trudge along, I wonder if maybe it really is something simple that I am missing.

That is the thought that keeps me up at night. 

This musing is born of me really doing my best to make The New Georgie Witherspoon available in print as well as on other platforms. As time goes by and I leave another day in the studio having not completed a task that seems so simple, my appreciation for the industry workers grow. The publishers, editors, agents, printers, artists--every little angel that does the job to make the books that grace my shelf and fill bookstores and libraries. Quite the task trying to be one person doing all the jobs.

Not complaining.

Just saying.

And sighing.

"I just want to play ball, Jerry."