Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Happy New Year!

Little Rose

I mean, I thought I should say something.

Nothing major to report except that I understand why EA took a step back in Sims time when they created the Sims4. So those of us with ancient machines (older than six months) can actually play the Sims again without issue.

I took advantage of their sale (which I think ends on the 11th) and purchased the Sims4 with the understanding that I probably would not be able to download it. I could not even download the demo when the game was first released. Yet my Mac accepted it.

I have a PC and I still play the Sims2 and the Sims Medieval on it. I love those games. I have not been able to play the Sims3 for years because it has been a glitchy nightmare for me. I love that one too and I miss it. I even had a Sims3 blog for a minute. Two stories I managed was Breegan the Freegan and The Baby-sitter's Club all grown up! I wasn't able to finish the latter because my Mac flat out refused. Which started my mantra: Don't send a Mac to do a PC's job. I saved my files though. Perhaps I'll play the Sims on my YouTube Channel if my geriMACtric can handle it.

This new installment of the Sims franchise...

I'm finding it pleasant and enjoyable so far even though this new generation of Sims are both easier to deal with yet harder to control. What I mean is, if I don't click fast enough, they start getting ideas. I both like and dislike that.

I know, I know, just turn off free will! Yet that's how fires get started, houses get robbed, stuff gets repoed, households starve, flies attack, and babies get taken into Care!

I've been watching other Simmers taking advantage of the mods (I'm looking at you KPopp! Keep it up, it's awesome!) and I love a good mod. I currently have the InSimenator on my Sims2 game and the insanity I have created with it...that's all I'll say about that.

I have not purchased any stuff packs or expansions. Not sure if I will or not. I may have said this before IRL or on this blog, but this EA trend of seducing and assaulting my wallet has officially gotten old! If they were going to go old school on us with the Sims4, I would have preferred how things were when the Sims1 came out: expansion packs with all the stuff in them instead of buying stuff packs separately. And thank you LGR for sacrificing game time to show us that stuff is translated to a massive amount of chairs and unusable objects.

I'm pretty sure The Sims5 is on the horizon. If they bait me well enough, I might bite.

So here is my take as a longtime Simmer:
The Sims 1: Some of the BEST music! I still listen to it frequently! Of the expansion packs, I really loved Makin' Magic. The wizard duels! I was all about the Wizard duels!

The Sims 2: Again, great music. I listen to it just as much as I do the Sims1. I could do without the pop songs turned Simlish. I tend not to listen to them. But the rest I just love. I'm still playing the game at least once a week while binge watching Netflix. Of the expansion packs, I do love Apartment Life. I like the option of my Sims living in a trailer park, that is pretty sweet.

The Sims 3: Once again, beautiful music! Wonderful building options, because I do enjoy that feature of the game. I had to get used to the Sims overall look and I wasn't fond of the little Peapod babies. Downloading additional neighborhoods from the website was a turn-off. I think this is when the separation of Stuff from Expansion packs started hurting my heart. I did download Dragon Valley just so I could get dragons, something I really missed from Makin' Magic. I LOVED being able to make my Sim a Faery which I utilized more than I did witches and especially more often than Vampires. (I avoid Vampires during normal gameplay for obvious reasons!) The Faery house was both adorable and economical! But I would say Island Paradise was the most unique to play. The mermaids, the chance to explore the bottom of the sea, the houseboats! Just loved it!

The Sims Medieval: I got this one and its expansion pack and I still find it amusing. (That opening sequence featuring one of my celebrity crushes was joy to my ears!) The music, again, is positively gorgeous! I do quests and freeplay just to mess about in the world. I wish it were bigger but I understand why it's not. I kind of hoped it would become popular enough to make it a much bigger game, with longstanding monarchies and the ability to travel to those distant lands like the Sims various vacation incarnations. If EA does this, Im in. Expansion packs and separate stuff packs and all! (Like I said, bait me well enough...) I got positively giddy to see my Queen breastfeeding her baby and often wondered why that option was not available in the original game! And I'm glad I wasn't the only one who wondered because...

The Sims 4: They answered! Yes, I do acknowledge when EA listens to their fan base. Thank you for letting my Sim nurse her baby! I don't even mind the censor (although a little nursing cover just for the animation would solve that even better.) The emotions are nicely annoying (kind of makes me miss the days they used to break the fourth wall just to wave and shout at you or randomly burst into tears) and expanding toddlers the way you did, thank you for that! They are even more frustratingly adorable which makes them more fun. I'm missing the vast open world of TS3, though, but again, I understand. I'm enjoying CAS far more than I have in the past. I haven't even started building yet, but I see what you've done so far and it's pretty awesome! The various walking animations are cute. ( I noticed that little add in TS3, with the cane, although I didn't really care that much about how they walked.) The verdict is still out on the music. I haven't had a proper listen yet.

Although I am WAY late in jumping on the bandwagon, I'm in for now. It's the wallet assaults and the reverting back in time that made me wait on this one while in the past I pre-purchased because I couldn't wait to see what wonders EA had!

I would love to experience that new Sims joy again!

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