Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Something I Feel Strongly About

Little Rose
Day 10...

So much I feel strongly about and just one day to write about it!

I really should be vlogging this but--you know--baby steps.

So just for kicks and--as I write this I am watching the One Day At A Time reboot on Netflix--I'm going to go with Feminism.

First things first: I am not a Feminist. I never have been one and I never will be one.

Many Feminists have seemingly endless reasons for being Feminists.

I have only four reasons for not being a Feminist:

4. I am a Traditionalist. I want to live in a Patriarchy because men build.

3. I am an advocate for men and boy's rights. Especially their reproductive rights and their bodily integrity.

2. I value Fairness over Equality. Equality is next to impossible considering our many differences.


1. The movement has deep roots in classism, sexism, and racism--the branches of which still exists today. I won't pledge allegiance to that.

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