Monday, January 23, 2017

Letter To My Sister


Dear Linda,

So much has changed since you went home to our Lord.

I'm so glad you got to see Bobby and Deborah get married. They welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family and gave her your middle name.

Sometimes I wonder if I love Alice in Wonderland so much because Alice was your first name.

Thank you for the lovely presents you gave us at Christmas. It is because of this, December is still a wonderful month for me. For all of us.

Kovette has a daughter who is to be married soon. And Teshia is married with a little girl. Shamont has a son that looks just like him! And a daughter that looks like Sabrina's granddaughter. At least she does to me.

I have not married or had any children yet. I still really want to though. If I have a daughter coming to me, I do want to name her Alice even though you did not like that name. But I think it's beautiful!

I did become an actress, though. I still did one thing we talked about.

Daddy is the same, just older. He misses you so much.

But Mom is different. She changed tremendously when you left. She's completely different now. Although every once in a while, little shadows of who she was comes back. Sometimes I ask her if she knows who you are. Some days she does. Most days she does not.

The last time I was able to have a cognitive conversation with her, she told me she blocked out your death day from her memory. Before this happened though, she did give testimony in Church about your journey, including other little things she never talked about before.

Like the baby....It altered my views about that topic forever.

I wish that was something we could have talked about when you were in human form.

I sometimes wonder what would have been had the terrible thing not happened. Would Mom have become who she is now? Did losing you trigger this somehow? What would have become of you and he? What would have become of me?

I still cry about you. Not as much as I used to though. I suppose, over time, these things do become more tolerable.

Or I have run out of tears since crying is not bringing you back.

I still love you! Forever and Always!

Love Your sister Charli.

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