Thursday, January 05, 2017

Five Places I Want To Visit

Little Rose
Day Five...

1. Paris, France *
2. Germany--all of it*
3. Sweden--particularly its smaller towns where traditions still thrive. And on St. Lucia day*
4. Ireland--because I'm almost positive I have some biological connection there.
5. Denmark

(* These come with an asterisk. The last two--as far as I know--are still relatively "safe".)
The political turmoil.
The obvious invasions.
The mass invitation of terror and tyranny.

I'm terrified yet My desire to visit you still exists.

I pray and cry from my most helpless place.
Wishing I had gone when I had the chance.
Yet how could I have known what you would become.

One day you will be beautiful and safe again.
And when you are, I pray I will still be able to walk your streets.
Then the story will be different.
I will not only marvel at who you are.
But I will marvel at what you went through and how you survived.

Because this too shall pass and you will return stronger and more beautiful than before.
In the meantime, I will keep as much of your languages and traditions alive over here as I can, so everyone will know who you really are!

I love you all and will see you one day soon!

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