Monday, November 07, 2016

I Think It Has Been One Year...

Speak No Emoji


Of keeping my mouth firmly and quite painfully shut. Quietly sitting by and watching the events unfold. Only sharing my thoughts with two or three friends who I was sure was not going to hold my opinions against me. Who would be happy to discuss rather than debate or at least debate sensibly. Making a couple of attempts at just clearing up a misconception only to get a finger wagging, looks of fury, or questions I that I know the answers will lead to anger.

So I say nothing.

I did the same thing eight years ago. And then four years ago.

After tomorrow, who knows?

Years ago, on Facebook, I asked my friends and family that they be kind to one another, whether their guy wins or not. Please. Be kind. I'm not even bothering this time because given what I have silently seen and heard, no one is going to see or hear me.

They don't want to. And they have made that abundantly clear.

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