Monday, June 27, 2016

Here's a Fun Fact!


It seems I can't say no to delicious opportunities to stay busy!

If you have had a visit to my News page, you can see I am going on tour again. This will be my fourth time. I said after the third time that I wasn't going to do it anymore. Touring is time consuming and quite grueling. Yet here I go again!

But here's the real fun part about this fun fact. I had some concerns about not having a show to do between my last one and the tour. After failed attempts at finding an audition for a show that would not interfere with tour rehearsals, I thought perhaps taking a little break would be a good idea.

Then God answered my prayer anyway, just as I was getting into the idea of having a lie in. Maybe He likes to see me busy as well.

We're going to be visiting many of the same spots we performed in before so I don't think I'll be treating this tour like I did the other one. With the exception of a few shots of anyplace new. I'll need to think on this one. Maybe more random shots of the USA?

Time to break out the digital camera again!

De Ja Vu. I'll explain later.

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