Thursday, August 06, 2015

WRI CON HIGH: Day three: "Inspiration HERO"

Wri Con Bag!

1. Are there real, live walking miracles?

2. Do they have--despite a MAJOR physical setback--the best sense of humor ever?

3. Can they inspire a writer to keep moving forward?

4. And can a pseudo-gameshow improve your writing in less than an hour?


Ret. Staff Sgt. Shilo Harris is that walking miracle and hero. Just go to that link and read about him. And buy his book. Because I can't tell his story, I'm not that good.

Go on, this post will still be here.


You back? Yeah. And you are probably wondering if my answer to question number two might be a total lie. It's not. This man was hilarious, cracking jokes--even about this most painful experience--and sharing his mountain moving faith in his Creator. He had detachable Spock ears made to replace the ones he lost. You read that right, Spock ears. (About that nerd life!) In his words, if he was going to have to wear prosthetics, he was going to make sure they were fun.

And how did he inspire the writer? Take your time, set realistic goals in writing your book, he said. Just as he did during physical therapy--one step at a time.

One step at a time. Like a soldier learning to walk again. One step at a time.

This was my Sunday highlight. This gave me my life.

Cheesy post teary-eyed grin. Note the bad ass ears!!!!

Signed Book. Steel Will Indeed!

If you ever have an opportunity to hear this man speak--GO!

If you need to motivate the unsure--BOOK HIM!!!

After a couple of great classes and a panel, came the QUERY GONG SHOW. It's quite simple: writers enter their queries anonymously, they are read before a live studio audience and a panel of agent and editor judges with gongs sitting in front of them. The judges gong the query at the precise point they would stop reading and then they tell why. Their only rule was to not judge the query based on what they represent, just on the query itself.

Brutal? Yes. Some were lucky if the reader managed to get through the whole thing!
Eye opening? Oh yes! I took notes and handled my query accordingly. (Of course I didn't enter!) This week we will see if the notes I took and the changes I made will work for me.

I've made other changes:

I write six pages a day instead of trying to push out 2000 words and then beating myself up if I don't make it thanks to my obsessive need to edit as I go. Learned some valuable lessons about that too. This is very much like the way I used to write as a kid--get the story down, edit later.

I've got a GROW board now with all the little tips and tricks I learned at WRI CON.

Watch me grow.
And I have a new mug that I won during a raffle as a tea filled reminder that I need other writers in my life. I need to nurture my writer the way I need to nurture my actor and my artist.

Mug of inspiration
Writer friends--wherever you are in your career--go to a conference.

It will strengthen your wings.

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