Tuesday, August 04, 2015

WRI CON HIGH: Day one: "Wine and Women"

Wri Con Bag

Wri Con High

Now that would make an interesting institution of learning. But then again, it kind of is.

It is also a place for making friends and getting inspiration.

Not to mention lighting a fire and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE!

It was like my first time at Disney World. I wasn't able to get on every ride but that's okay because I'm definitely going back.

The fun started at a mixer of sorts at the Sheraton where conference attendees were invited to have drinks and make a few friends. Organized by Sarah Bale, this is an opportunity to make a familiar face so that one does not feel so alone at the conference. This is GREAT for a first timer.

I was wondering how this might go down though. Writers are notoriously introverted, happy to observe and listen. A mixer involves walking up to humans and saying hello. I imagined a contest to see who could out awkward one another.

I was wrong though as there was plenty to talk about. Namely all the beautifully dressed and made up women around.

At the same time, Mary Kay Seminar was wrapping up. Now I used to be a MK consultant and I still use the product and I can remember my first time going to Seminar and how excited I was.

Full Circle! Sort of.

Anyway, they were all so beautifully dressed up and here we were in either dressy casual or in our "writer attire." We were there for different reasons, but the goal was the same: to go further in our chosen careers.

I met several lovely people who became my class buddies during the conference. Writers of every kind, quite heavily of the Fantasy/SciFi, Historical kind.

I will admit this made me worry a bit: Is ANYONE writing realistic or contemporary or character driven anymore? Especially in YA and MG. Is there still a market for writers like me. And I mean a heavy market. Can we still compete with magic and dystopia?

I got over it. I had to because everyone was genuinely interested in what everyone else was writing. We all marveled at one another's ability to write in a genre we did not think we were able to tap in to.

There are quite a few fantastic stories that are about to hit the shelves some day soon!

And because Thespians attract each other in ways we can't even explain--yes, a fellow actor introduced herself to me. I was talking shop in a place where I didn't think it would even come up.

The other novelty that I have not been able to partake in since I left Orlando was actually talking about my writing. I have not done that in so long that I almost forgot how to do it. I'm just not used to talking about my writing to anyone but myself. I struggled a little to tell what my current work was about.

My eyes were opened even wider to something I was aware was my biggest problem. Isolation. I need other writers. Lots of other writers to connect with regularly. Not just a few every once in a while.

I left the mixer renewed and excited about what was to come, what I was going to learn and who I was going to meet.

This was only the beginning.

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