Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Little Rose #5: More Fur Baby Antics

Little Rose

My "rule" is, half a package of Whiskas Seafood Selections for dinner every day. The rest of the day, dry food.  Of course we had a couple of incidents of breaking into the box and helping herself.

So my smarts were like, "Hey! Out of sight, out of mind! If we put the Whiskas downstairs and in the pantry, well she'll just not even think about it!"

(That is an example of a human thinking they are one step ahead of the cat.)

Of course you know what happened don't you.

I get up in the morning, I give her dry food. She leaves the bedroom, goes down the stairs, into the pantry which was--lucky for her--open, opens the box, grabs a pouch, brings it upstairs, and proceeds to claw at it like prey.

I caught her and took the pouch. "No ma'am," I said. "That is for dinner."

And she argued with me. (Probably kitty cursed me out.) She ate her dry food, then waited--not so patiently--for her Whiskas dinner.

So what is the lesson I learned?

That to a determined cat, "rules" do not apply.


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