Thursday, August 13, 2015


...I deeply miss my muse.

I have had to step away from all my writing that has characters that were inspired by him.

I'm coming around.

The 29th is his birthday, and while he did not celebrate it in life, I honor it as a special day.

Sometimes--if I can handle it--I'll play his music. Still have not watched any of his videos.

I'll get there.

I'm considering drawing him again.

Maybe I'll do it this week.

Maybe not.

One day I will.

I need every artist--visual, performing, literary--to know and always remember this: what you do is so important. You have the power to touch someone's life, someone's soul. Never let anyone tell you what you do has no significance compared to anyone else's life work.

Your work is love.

Your love can bring joy to someone's life.

It may even save it.

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