Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Batman Arkham Knight

I am the knight!
I just beat this bad boy and am currently aiming for 100% completion.

I'm not here to give out any spoilers. Let's just say I could not play this at night until I beat it because the main antagonist is Scarecrow. AND HE SCARES ME! Ever since Arkham Asylum he has scared me. I'll save that for another gaming post.


The jump scares are off the rocker.

The graphics are gorgeous.

Riddler is annoying as heck. (He has always got on my nerves.)

Catwoman and Ivy are SMOKING HOT!

Combat is smooth as ever with the added bonus of dual enemy takedowns. Loved all of that!

Soundtrack is nice, nothing that moved me that much.

And as always, I love having an open world to play in.

Background conversations by thugs is still pretty great.

And the Batmobile is LIFE! I'm waiting for someone to mod that into GTA V. I would OWN Los Santos!

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