Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Time for a Change

Sleepy Head

The comfort zone is a wonderful and dangerous place.

For several years now I have been more than aware that I need to start vlogging. I can't blame my loved ones--so devoted to twitter and Facebook--for not wanting to trek over to my blog to read a post longer than 140 characters.

I'm certain, however, that they and everyone else in the world will watch a 5 minute video.

I took the steps. I have a youtube channel--two to be exact--and I even posted a few LootCrate unboxing and some art videos. One of my friends said the videos would be better if he could see my face and hear my voice.


So I only played music with some motion and some images. I deleted them all. I can't even tell you why.

I can only imagine how much more dynamic my Tour posts would have been had I took video and narrated my experience instead.


Then Lisa from LachriFineArts presented a challenge: join my Facebook page, post a video a day for a month, post onto the private page where no one else can see but group members so you can get comfortable on camera.

Did I join? Of course not! I'm like that pretty kitty up there! All cozy in my comfort zone!

Well time to break free.

I'm going to do a few test videos this week. Find the best lighting and the best place to record videos at home. I may even try recording some outside while walking even though I find that slightly annoying--the whole shaky cam thing.

Now. Can I talk about a subject for five minutes. On camera. Without a script.

Without a script...

Baby steps.

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