Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tales from Purchase, NY

The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College is a really nice place...
But the graffiti...even nicer.


Nick apparently has a little wiener or woman or...

Getting Degrees. The struggle is real.

A closer look

Closer Answer
So with this one, three of us have three different theories behind this little gem found in one of the dressing rooms...

I say one person kissed this and the next person who used the dressing room decided to kiss it too. And so began an accidental tradition.

Johnny Lee--our Flat Stanley--thinks that every lip came from one cast from one show. One girl was blotting her lips and the others decided to do it too.

Caroline Dubberly--our Mrs. Lambchop--thinks this was a bunch of people marking with lipstick every place in the building they got their freak on.

We like Caroline's theory best.

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