Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tales from Newark, NJ

This venue right here!

New Jersey Performing Arts Center
A friendly and loving staff.

A beautiful facility.

A celebration of Theatre and Music!

These performances we had talkbacks where our sweet young friends got to ask us questions. We got the usuals:

"How did Stanley get flat?" To which our Stanley--Johnny Lee--would show and explain the magic.
"How did we change clothes so fast?" To which our Costumer--James Chandler--would show and explain that magic.
"Where are we from?" Representing Dallas!
"What are our names and ages?" And for years I have always gotten a "No way" reaction whenever I reveal my age because I apparently present younger than I am. I know some day my looks and my age will join together, but--according to the audible gasps--it hasn't happened yet.

Did I ever mention that you never know who you will meet on these tours? We met one of the little cast members of Peter Pan Live along with his class and he was looking at us like WE were the people he just saw on television not too long ago! He played Michael and was ADORABLE and got my eggs all in an uproar.

Then they calmed down...

Our last day here, Johnny and I visited a few little patrons who were gathered together to make some Flat Stanleys and Stellas before seeing our show. We took photos and chatted with everyone. One little guy came up to me and asked to take a picture with me, giving me the biggest hug and getting my eggs all in an uproar AGAIN.

Then they calmed down...

After the show, the most adorable little curly haired angel girl baby ran up to Johnny and threw her arms around him and would not let go.

And those eggs of mine starting kermit flailing again.

They are still flipping out.


I need to have some babies ya'll.

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