Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tales from Wilmington, DE

Oh yeah, I been to the Grand Opera House.

Know how I remember?

No fly system.

And this is the loading "dock":

 Ahh well, water under the bridge. Check out this artwork!

Magic Crystal Ball, I summon thee!
Play me a pretty song.

Light a Torch

Tell me a Story

Or just chill


"IIIIIIII...wanna swiiiiiiiingggg!"

Pillar of Strength...

...With a Strong face


My dress is White and Gold

Horns and Bows

 Of course you're thinking: OMG Charli, most of those photos are super bad! As in awful.

And I'm like, hell yeah they are! Massive ceiling + 5' me + cell phone = BAAAAD photos!

I have decided to just buckle down and treat myself to a bad ass digital SLR!

And I will take it with me the next time I go on tour.

Oh wait...

Oh Lord, another tour?

Perish the thought!!!!!!!

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