Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tales from Pittsburgh, PA

The Byham Theater is the TOPS!

And the story is that the women you see in the mural are actually men with boobs. And I believe them. Yet I am choosing to be in the denial. These are women! Bold, beautiful, broads with big boobs!

Flash 'em with PRIDE!

There is something almost Sistinian about it.

Dance "Ladies" Dance!

I think the cherub may have doubts

Man or Woman. You decide!

Whatever they are, this one is certainly enjoying the view!

Let's Party!

Check it out ya'll!

Even the Lobby had Style!
This beautiful place does have a beautiful story.

We had meet and greets during our time at the Byham and only subscribers and their families were allowed to meet us, get autographs and photos, and cookies and juice.

We actors felt bad about all the non-subscribers having to usher their children along without meeting us or getting a treat. But rules are rules.

When the crowd cleared, there was one little non-subscriber who worked up his courage and decided to take his chances and come meet us.

And we are so glad he did.

Isaac got our autographs, told us how much he loved the show, and asked all the best questions.

The look on his face when we told him about the magic behind how Stanley got flat let us know we may have been nursing a future actor or stagehand. Some questions he answered for us. He said he knew all along that I was standing behind the bulletin board and that is why he heard my voice coming from it. Isaac was nothing short of absolutely delightful!

He took a chance yet we were the ones that got the best treat ever. Issac is the reason why we take the punches, push through when we are sick or tired, make sure the show goes on.

We will never forget him and I hope he never forgets us!

Sir Issac and the Cast! Photo Credit: John Moss

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