Wednesday, March 04, 2015

This Is The United States #6: Birthday Edition

Since my Birthday is a Workday (and I am probably on stage as you read this) I found myself celebrating on the 28th of February.

So I had to explore this Pike Market Place in Seattle!

I have a love/fear relationship with the evil ball of fire in the sky.

I get overwhelmed when there are a multitude of shops to choose from.

I get sensory overload when there is an abundance of people, smells, and sounds to deal with.

Mo-Fuggin' Space Needle!
So NATURALLY, the fire ball was in full force...

...Just Shining ALL over the innocents. That's why my umbrella broke. To mock me.

The Original Sin!
The shops and restaurants were in abundance with lines of people waiting for everything!

Big Wheels Keep On Turning!
And did I say it was crowded? With lots of shouting and talking and music and fish and baked goods and sweet, stinky weed!


People walking down the street smoking their WEEEEEDDDDD!!!!!!


The sensory overload kicked in hard core!

So my friend and I found a quiet place to enjoy my early birthday lunch...

Red beans and Rice with mixed green salad!
Bayou on 1st...

Thirteen years in that location.

Quiet, quaint, serving up delicious homemade food made with love.

Full and calm, I set out to find something sweet before leaving the market. (Because thirty minutes in and I was already done!)

It wasn't long before I found an Oreo Cake in a cup.

Oreos. Cake. Cups.

Three things I really like!

So did I enjoy my first experience in the Market?

I did.

Will I go back?

I will.

On a less crowded day.


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