Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tales From Tacoma, WA

Today we will discuss the March 4th episode of Best Birthday Surprise Ever!

The Dallas Children's Theatre was performing at the lovely Pantages Theater...

Watch Over Me

Light The Way

Light The Torch
...One of those lovely theaters with stunning architecture with God all in its details.

A theatre whose host was the most adorable, lovable, cuddly, sweet, mighty Wolfgang!

Kisses for Caroline

Strike a Pose

Now Rub My Belly...Forever
A Theater that--despite time constraints and a ton of children to usher back to buses--conspired with DCT (who fooled me into thinking we were going to give a Q&A at the end of our second show) to give me the biggest and bestest birthday surprise...ever.


A theatre full of children...A cast and crew of the sweetest people...

All singing happy birthday to me.

Complete with these delicious treats...

I ate the pink one with diamonds and the two yellow ones
...From Hello Cupcake who created and delivered the treats just in time for them to be given to me after our second show.

I'm still crying about it...


I was slightly bummed I could not have a big birthday party this year. 

Not anymore.

Because this was 1,000,000,000,000 times better than any party I could have had.

Dear John, Robert, Laura, Jordana, Caroline, James, Johnny, and Justin...


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