Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tales from Bellingham, WA

One of the side effects of touring is confusion.

When we were in this one place (I am not even going to try and remember where that was) I was pretty certain I was in the place this post is about.

I looked across the street searching for this mural:
The Last Psychedelic Supper
Of course that should have been the tip off that I wasn't where I thought I was!

Not only that, the Mount Baker Theatre itself is a masterpiece! I mean look at this!

The Eyes Follow You
Lit UP!
It Changes Colors!
I mean for corn's sake, HOW could I get confused? My name is immortalized in this place!!!

Feel the Power!
And then there is the rather large...rock...next to the loading dock!

Pride Rock!
No more confusion. NO MORE!!!

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