Tuesday, March 03, 2015

I Dream About You Because I Love You

Flat Stanley
Dear Caroline, Justin, James, Johnny, Jordana, John, Robert, and Laura,

Fun fact about me...

Ever since I began my acting journey as a wee tot, there are two dreams I have during the life of a production I am in: the "Cast Dream", which happens approximately a month after I first meet the cast. And the "Pre-show dream" which usually happens before preview night.

Most of the time I remember them. Few times I do not. But they have always happened to me. I don't know why, I just accept it.

Now since we did not rehearse together and my very first solid dress rehearsal was a full show, I did not have a "Pre-show" dream.

The "Cast Dream" just happened.

Are you ready for this?

So we are all in the van, leaving a venue in New York, on our way to Washington. (The truck was nowhere in sight so don't even ask.) James is driving, John is Navigating. When suddenly we run into a problem. There is a train stopped directly in our path, honking at us to move. That is when we all realize that James is driving on the railroad tracks!

"James," we say (very calmly and sweetly) "You can't drive on the railroad tracks."
And James says, (like he forgot or something) "Oh okay."

So he backs up, off the tracks. Well this turns out to be the longest and the slowest train known to mankind. It goes a few inches, then stops a few minutes, then goes a few inches, and so on. This is clearly going to take forever so I decide to hop out the van and run back to the venue. Because there were M&Ms there. Tons of them that was left for us to take if we wanted them. 

I head back into the greenroom and began filling a wicker Easter basket full of packages of Peanut M&Ms. The presenter sees me and she says,

"Oh I'm so glad you are taking them. We thought you didn't want them."
I thank her for the treat and get ready to leave when some children arrive. They had seen the show, recognized me, then surrounded me and began asking the usual questions.

I answer as many as I can then apologize to them because I really have to leave. I manage to get away and outside where I see the train is gone and James is waving at me to hurry along. 

So I run.

And M&Ms are falling out of my basket one by one. A lady sitting outside the venue calls out to me...

"You're losing your M&Ms!" 
"That's okay," I said. "I don't care!" Once I got back to the van, I had only one package of Peanut M&Ms left in my basket.

And Jordana took them! (She just reached right over and took my M&Ms!)

So after that we all decided that Johnny should drive. (We never explain why so draw your own conclusions.) Then the rest of us went to sleep.

I am the first to wake up. The van is moving down the highway as smooth as ever, correctly passing cars, going the speed limit. But I notice that Johnny's seat is back and his feet are resting on the dashboard. I look over at him to see that he is fast asleep. So I (gently) shake him awake and (calmly) say to him,

"Johnny wake up. You can't sleep and drive at the same time. It's not safe."
And Johnny says, "Oh it's alright, it's on cruise control." Then goes right back to sleep. I try to wake him again but he won't budge. So I pull him out of the seat and ask everyone else to wake up.

(Mind you, the van has not stopped moving. Cruise Control is apparently Auto Pilot in my dreams.)

"Can someone drive, please?" (I ask, ever so calmly and sweetly) "Johnny is sleeping."

"I'll do it," says Laura, who happily climbs (and I do mean climbing over seats and people) from the very back to the front to take over the wheel. 

That's when we all realize that we are in Washington. How do I know this? There are fighter planes zooming everywhere. Lots of them. We all look around us in concern.

"Something's happening!" we say. "Something's going on!"

Panic starts to set in.

Then Johnny LAUGHED and woke me up! And I could not get back to sleep right away to find out what was happening in Washington that would cause fighter planes to be littering the sky and dodging and weaving through traffic!

Johnny laughs in his sleep!

Did you all know that Johnny laughs in his sleep?

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