Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tales From Hays, KS

Stanley Outside the Hotel
It should be known that the character I play is a letter carrier named Mrs. Cartero, who then becomes a sadistic Bulletin Board, who then becomes an Assistant to the biggest Hollywood agent ever, who then becomes Mona Lisa, who then becomes an assistant director, who then becomes a go-go dancer.

It should also be known that the tour has been on the road since late last year. I am a new to the crew.

So this means I missed the whole rehearsal process, including the oh so important dress rehearsals and tech rehearsals.

I got a rehearsal with Stanley, one with the whole cast that included a mini dress rehearsal, and one rehearsal with the musical director.

The rest I did on my own.

My first official performance was in Hays, KS while still trying to work out my quick changes, blocking, and getting over an allergy attack turned severe cold.

And the kids LOVED it, some even getting their parents to bring them back for the evening show!

We signed autographs and favorites parts of the show included the shark, the dance break, and when Stanley "got flat."

Kinda want to see it now, don't you?

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