Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tales from Austin, TX

On Sunday January 18, 2015--after our own performance for a great crowd--this happened right next door...

Ticket and Stage
Yeah, it broke the adorable meter.

They jumped through hoops, played the cowbell, the chimes, the guitar, the drums, the keyboard. There was a groundhog MC, mice who walked a tightrope, and a chicken named Cluck Norris who played the cymbal.

Did I say it broke the adorable meter? shattered it!

Some of the cats cooperated, which was amazing in itself.

Some of them wouldn't, yet they did not cheat us out of cuteness. One even left the stage to explore the audience.

Adorable cats, mice, a groundhog, a chicken! I couldn't stand it! You know how a baby gets so happy and/or excited that they wiggle and squeal because their little bodies just can't contain the joyous feelings?

That was me and all my feelings.

Now just like us, the amazing acro-cats is a touring show!

Look at this!

Acro-Cat Bus

They get cooked chicken and salmon before each show!

I have to say it! I HAVE TO!



Stay Wonderful Austin.
Stay Whimsical.
But most of all...


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