Thursday, December 04, 2014

Today is the Day Your Human Experience Came To An End

Alice Belinda Small
I have a fuzzy memory of you--a few weeks before this day--coming into the house after a big Christmas shopping trip.

You told me to cover my eyes and you carried several bags into the house. I took a wee peek and was able to vaguely make out the Wheel of Fortune board game through one of the bags. I didn't see anything else, though.

I'm pretty certain this memory is real and exactly how I remember it.

It has to be because next thing I knew, you were gone. You left us some really fantastic presents without even knowing whether or not you were going to make it to Christmas. Or maybe you were aware you might not make Christmas and wanted the holiday to be as normal and wonderful as it always was, just in case you missed it.

And although this day is a sad one, Christmas still feels...normal, warm, beautiful, celebratory.

Thank you for that.

Still miss you, forever love you.

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