Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ode to the Annoyed


The look says it all.

You can't stand me.

The tone says it all.

You see me as a failure.

The mood says it all.

You see me as a burden.

Believe me I know.

I work every day to be out of your way.

So out of the way, there will be no more reminders of me in or around your personal space.

Still you look for the perfect opportunity to explode all over me.

I lie in wait.

I take the hit.

I carry on, missing another part of my heart.

Starting back at square one.

Perhaps this time I can avoid it.

Be so invisible, you need not look at me or speak to me at all.

I can go for quite a long time, just to avoid your wrath.

How long can you go?

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