Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Friend Ship

Placeholder for Loni's Poetry Book

Friend Ship 

I boarded the Friend Ship by myself. I knew it was the thing to do. 
 The three friends I had stood on the dock and called me back telling me there was nothing for me on that boat! 
They were so angry! 
And I was afraid. 
 Alone and scared on the Friend Ship. 
 Alone because my friends on the dock didn’t want to get on board. 
Scared because I was going to have to make new friends. 
Should I go back? 
But then there came one friend, then two, then three. 
And they happily took the place of my angry friends on the dock. 
So I waved good-bye to them and the Friend Ship set sail. 
 And I was on it. 
Happy and Safe. 

 By: Loni
Age: Ten

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