Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hold Your Brother

Placeholder for Loni's Poetry Book

Hold Your Brother 

 Family Picture Time 
Bows in my hair 
Look at the puppet 
But don’t stare. 

Hold your brother 
But he’s too big for me 
I know he’s only one 
But I’m only three. 

He wiggles and cries 
He doesn’t like his tie 
Smile Loni, Smile 
I can’t, but I try. 

 Hold your brother 
So the picture will be nice 
You’re moving too much 
They had to take it twice. 

 We clap and sing 
until his tears are dry 
I take out my bows 
He takes off his tie. 

 Hold your brother 
Messy hair 
Tie on the floor 
We don’t care. 

 Picture isn’t perfect 
But nice to see 
 Just me and Phil 
Being Phil and me.

By Loni Tanner
age nine

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