Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I used to joke that you were a Changeling and that is why I drew this.

I just was not sure if it was pixies or elves that made the switch.

And it had to be one or the other because anyone that spins that fast, for that long, without getting dizzy or puking cannot be human.

I was certain that Joe and Katherine's real son was in the Faerie Realm wondering why he is not as special as the others.

And now I wonder if they took you back.

I think about you every day.

I wish I didn't sometimes because of the pain. But I'm glad I do. Because I love you and I will never stop. And I don't want to forget how you made me feel.

I miss you.

Whenever my time is up, I will request to be taken to your new home because I want to be wherever you are.

There has to be a ton of joy and laughter in that place since you arrived.

Much more than there is here since you've been gone.

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