Thursday, June 05, 2014

Coffee For Life

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The Brew. It was a hip coffee shop full of cushy chairs and couches, eclectic art, and a display case full of fat muffins of every kind. It shivered with the sounds of hissing steamers mixed with soft jazz and the low sips and murmurs of college students, artists, and the occasional businessman and woman who wandered in by mistake.

Connor Witherspoon wandered in one day. Then decided to come back again and again. He was especially busy with the creation of a new resort, which still didn’t have a name. Between arguing with his Uncles and keeping a full staff in line, within a week, The Brew had become his personal retreat.

He had been a two week old regular before Grace Collins served him for the first time: a double half-caf latte and a cinnamon apple muffin. His usual. They were both way too busy for love at first sight.

One afternoon, instead of his usual, he ordered something different. Without thinking, she brought him his usual. He wasn’t angry about it at all. Actually he found it rather sweet that she remembered his usual with the steady stream of customers she got daily.

“How are you able to remember my usual?” he asked. “I can’t be the only one that comes in here with a usual.”

“It’s not that hard,” Grace said, waving her hand. “We go by name.”

“You don’t know my name. Do you?”

Grace giggled. “Actually I don’t. I sort of...well...I gave you one.”

“Oh yeah? What do you call me?”

Grace chuckled. “Prince Charming.”

They shared a laugh. She brought him his correct order and a conciliatory Biscotti. He asked her out on a date.

He was thirty-five.

She was eighteen.

Because Connor Witherspoon never did anything small, he took Grace to a very expensive restaurant and then for a quick sail on the family yacht. She got sea sick, puked over the side of the boat, and spent the rest of the evening lying in the captain’s quarters. She felt it was a disaster. He fell in love.

From the very start, Connor’s mother Eugenia did not approve of the relationship. She thought Grace--young and with no family name--was beneath her and she went out of her way to break them up--from trying to arrange dates with other heiresses to having Connor and Grace followed and disturbed on their dates.

When Connor came home and announced that he had proposed to Grace and she accepted--after a mere six weeks of dating--Eugenia went to her bed for a week. A grand wedding was planned during which Eugenia met Grace’s mother Angela. And that is when the fun began. Angela took great pleasure in getting a rise out of Eugenia whom she knew considered her trash.

After her first meeting with Angela, Eugenia saw what she thought was a frightening future for the Witherspoon Dynasty. She began pressing Connor over the details of the pre-nuptial agreement only to discover he had no intention in using one. With deep satisfaction in getting the greatest rise ever out of his mother, he announced that he not only loved Grace enough to share everything--he loved her enough to split it all in half if they divorced.

Eugenia took to her bed again.

It took the combined effort of Connor’s two brothers to hold Eugenia in her seat with his sister in law’s hand over her mouth when Bishop Small asked if anyone thought Connor and Grace shouldn’t be married.

It was a memorable reception. Due to a grave mistake on his part, Connor’s Uncle broke up a fight between his wife and his previously unknown mistress; Angela met the second of what would be seven husbands; and Eugenia announced before the 400 guests that she would be expecting a full apology from her son for not trusting her in six weeks when he is divorced. Angela told her to stuff it.

It was at the birth of Elijah the following year that Eugenia began to soften towards the marriage. The birth of Jennifer--the first girl born into the Witherspoon line in a generation--made her heart melt. She was determined to make sure the children were happy and well-adjusted despite their Mother’s bloodline and Connor and Grace’s eventual divorce. Twenty-four years and four children later, she still has her doubts.

That resort was named the Angela Grace.

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