Wednesday, May 07, 2014

How We "Met."

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There isn't much I remember, but some clues lie in that very first story I wrote about her, which I still have--handwritten on notebook paper.

I “met” Georgie when I was twelve years old.

If memory serves me, I was in Seventh Grade. I know for certain that I was twelve because in that first story, Georgie was twelve going on thirteen. When I was young and writing, I usually made my MC a year older than I was.

Some things have remained the same from that first story to the current novel. In the original story--or the very, very, very first draft I should say--Georgie was an athlete, the youngest in her family, bi-racial, with six best friends. That has not changed. Her last name was always Witherspoon but, I don’t remember where I got the name from.

Some things have changed. Instead of twelve going on thirteen, she is now fifteen going on sixteen. And in the first story, I gave her the name Miranda with the nickname Randi. I don't remember when I changed it, but it was probably because she set me straight.

The plot remains the same.

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