Thursday, May 22, 2014

Badge of Honor

Placeholder for The New Georgie Witherspoon
Score was tied.

60 seconds on the clock.

These girls were huge.

It was fifteen year old Georgie’s dedication and determination that got her on the Guerriers; a certified team of home-schooled girls who were her only chance at playing thanks to New Faith Christian Academy’s lack of a girl’s lacrosse team. They welcomed her as an alternate player who joined them when she could to destroy all the other teams. She was called The Magnum because when she scored a goal, the goalie ducked for her life.

It was the last game of the week. Every game played was leading up to this one. Saint Mary’s Academy for Girls; a team known for its large faith and even larger girls; like Sea Hags on Steroids. They took the game serious and both defense and offense were after The Magnum; this lithe powerhouse with a massive amount of hair and an almost inhuman ability to dodge and weave.

One more goal and these hags were toast.

Georgie had the ball and was running for the goal. It was their final game plan; everyone else clears a path while The Magnum makes the final shot. She was charging towards her target--dodging left to avoid a redhead, dodging right to avoid a blonde. She could hear the pants and grunts from the goons behind her and she picked up her pace until all she could hear was her own grunts mingled with shouts of:


No one to the right of her. No one to the left. The goal before her, so close yet so far away. Then--quite suddenly from the left--came the Brunette, the biggest and bulkiest of the team running just as fast towards her.

She couldn’t stop.

The Brunette wouldn’t stop.

The goal was so close.

With a mighty pull of her trigger--her powerful left arm--she hurled the ball toward the goal and...


Everything went dark.



From a distance she heard someone calling her name. She heard shuffling and sniffing and whispering. One by one her other senses became aware.

The smell of bleach, the feel of starched sheets, her left leg incased in something heavy, her mouth warm and throbbing. The bright room coming into focus. Mother and Daddy at either side of her looking passionately relieved.

“Oh thank God,” Mother choked. “Oh my baby.” She leaned over and kissed Georgie’s forehead. She winced and moaned. “I’m sorry baby. Oh thank God.”

Isaiah moved behind Daddy. “She might not be all here Mother. Hey Skunk, how many fingers am I holding up?” he asked, waving all ten of his fingers in the air. Georgie painfully fixed her face into a mean frown. “She’s back,” he said.

She looked around to find out where the sniffling was coming from. Melissa. She found her voice.

“Stop crying,” she said to her. Melissa turned away and buried her face into Stephanie’s shoulder to muffle her sobs. “What happened?”

“There’s been an accident, Sweetheart,” Daddy said. “You ran into another player.”

“Ran into her?” Keaton exclaimed. “You BULLDOZED that chick!”

“You really did,” Stephanie said, still comforting Melissa who was wiping her tears. “you both flew off your feet.”

“It was like slow motion,” Sagan said. “You both hit the ground hard.”

“Your leg is broken, sis,” Elijah said, timidly. “But the doctor said it will heal just fine and you’ll be able to play again.”

“Oh no,” Mother said. “No more lacrosse. Not after this...”

“But Mrs. Witherspoon,” Joaquin began.

“I mean it. Look at what it’s done!” She sighed and turned back to Georgie. “You lost a tooth, Little Love. Your right front tooth.”

“We tried to find it,” Jody said. “But it was nowhere on the field so we think maybe you swallowed it.”

“It’ll come back, we just have to wait a little while,” Isaiah chuckled. “But I don’t know if you’ll want it back once it surfaces.”

Silent giggles filled the room which Mother and Daddy stopped with one look.

“The Brunette is worse though,” her Coach said. “Her goal was to take you out but it was a risk because it took her out too.” There were shudders all around. “She won’t be modeling any time soon. Or ever.”

“As if she ever could,” Jennifer sniffed.

Georgie slowly raised a hand to stop them. “I didn’t mean that,” she moaned. “Did we win?”

Coach smiled. “We won Magnum. You launched that ball clear across the field with six seconds left on the clock.”

Georgie slowly smiled. “Thanks. Now all of you get out of here so I can get some rest.”

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