Tuesday, April 08, 2014

So, What Did They Think?

I have never been one to worry over critics and reviews. I am rarely aware that critics are in the audience and I never cared what they thought about the show. 

I tend to care more about pleasing the general audiences. And if our nightly standing ovations are any indication, they really are enjoying the show and their energy has been deeply appreciated by us all.

For this show, however, I did care about reviews. 

Both the producer and the director are dear friends of mind who believe so much in this show. Their vision for it included me. So much so that they moved the show from its intended run so I could do it. I did not want to let them down. Neither did my fellow cast members. We are determined, every night, to give the very best performances we can--not only for the audience--but also to satisfy their vision. And then we are determined to do better than the night before. 

Mission accomplished! 

Congratulations to everyone!

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