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Picture It...

Placeholder for The New Georgie Witherspoon
Nevada; 2002

It is the first day of First Grade and six year old Georgie Witherspoon has been put--against her will--into a dress for the first time since she was eighteen months old. It is a green plaid jumper dress and, along with the white blouse and socks and black saddle oxfords, is a part of the required uniform at New Faith Christian Academy.

The First Grade teacher was Sister Mays, who was also the head of the usher board at Church. She sang songs she made up and talked to everyone like they were two. Mother and Moira walked Georgie to the class that day and told her she would have fun. Georgie disagreed. Not in a dress. Never in a dress.

Georgie kissed Mother and Moira good-bye and was given her own cubby to hang her backpack and lunch bag in.

“Sister Georgianna, what is your favorite food in the whole world?” Sister Mays asked. Georgie shrugged. “I bet you like cookies,” Sister Mays said. Georgie shrugged. “I like cookies too! My favorite is Lemon. What kind do you like?” Georgie shrugged. “I bet you like Lemon too. I have a special seat just for you.”

Sister Mays led Georgie to her assigned seat at a little table for four, right next to a girl with thick black pigtails with big flower barrettes on the ends.

“Sister Georgianna,” Sister Mays said, “this is Sister Jody. She likes cookies too and her favorite is lemon just like you! I think you will be great friends!”

The girls said nothing to one another.

Another little girl was led inside the room by her mother. Her pigtails were braided with ribbons tying the ends. She kissed her mother good-bye, visited her cubby, spoke with Sister Mays, then was led to their table.

“Sister Jody, Sister Georgianna, this is Sister Stephanie. Guess what she likes?” No one answered. “That’s right! Lemon cookies! Stephanie, this will be your seat! I’m sure you will be great friends.”

The girls said nothing to one another.

Three boys joined the class before their final seat was filled. A small girl with strawberry blonde pigtails, clutching a little stuffed bunny and clinging onto her mother’s skirt. Her mother got down to her level and whispered to her. This time, Sister Mays and the girl’s mother took her to her new cubby. Then her mother hugged her. The little girl held on. Her mother whispered to her again and Sister Mays began to gently pull the girl away. Her mother left. After speaking with Sister Mays and wiping her tears, she was led to their table.

“Sister Georgianna, Sister Jody, Sister Stephanie,” Sister Mays said, “this is Sister Melissa and her friend Mr. Bunny. Guess what? They both like lemon cookies! I just know you are going to be great friends.”

They said nothing to one another.

The day started with a song and some clapping games. Then on to worksheets of Noah’s Ark that they were supposed to color. More songs. More worksheets. A story about the Garden of Eden.

The girls said nothing to one another.

Then lunch. Each girl brought her own lunch to her assigned seat without a word. They emptied their lunch bags of their meals and each had a small bag of cookies: Sugar with sprinkles for Melissa, Snickerdoodles for Stephanie, Gingerbread for Jody, and Chocolate Chip for Georgie. They stared at one another.

“I hate Lemon cookies,” Jody said.

“Me too,” Stephanie said. “They taste like grumpy sugar.”

“I don't like them," Georgie said. "Anybody who makes a cookie out of a lemon has to be grumpy.”

“I don’t like them and Mr. Bunny doesn’t like them either,” Melissa said. “He’s too sweet for grumpy cookies. And so am I.”

They’ve been best friends ever since.

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