Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hugh Hefner Scrapbooks!

Last Scrapbook I purchased. May be about 15 years ago!

That Hef. 

He of Playboy! 

Scrapbooks. And at 87 glorious years, he has been at it since he was in High Prison! (Or High school if you prefer to call it that!) 

I was blessed with this information while scanning Time magazine at the doctor's office. It was in an article written by Joel Stein who had the pleasure of scrapbooking with Hef! Lucky! Hef has a room and a staff for his treasure of memories.

I love to scrapbook! I used to do it every week several years ago. I even had a monthly scrapbook subscription and still have the papers and stickers and stencils that came with it. I can't even remember why I stopped or when. I still keep treasures with the intent of putting them in a scrapbook. 

Time to get back into the game! 

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