Thursday, February 27, 2014

Georgie's First (And Last) Beauty Pageant

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Even though this happened to Georgie when she was eighteen months old, she remembers it and not too fondly. This is a pretty significant event in Georgie's life because this was when her mother, Grace, discovered exactly what she was dealing with when it came to Georgie. And also why she would wait fourteen years before having another go at making a princess out of her daughter.

So what is better than having one beautiful and successful daughter on the pageant circuit? TWO of them! Her older daughter Jennifer was already a seasoned veteran at nearly three years old, having mastered that cute pageant strut and the slow beauty turn without losing eye contact with the judges. Grace tried not to worry that Georgie seemed more content to attempt to climb the door frames, than practice walking with Mother down the runway. But Grace thought  one pageant might make a little lady out of her. Besides, no little girl could resist a stage and an eager audience cheering them on. After some careful selections of hair pieces to match Georgie's chocolate brown hair and the perfect beauty dress, Grace was ready to present to her pageant momnemies another gorgeous daughter to put theirs to shame.

With Jennifer and Georgie in the same age group, it was only a matter of which of the two of them the judges would choose to crown Overall Supreme. Jennifer sat quietly and happily in her beauty chair as the make up artist turned her from a rosy cheeked toddler to a miniature Fashion Doll. Georgie…not so much. She squirmed in protest while they tried to pin on the hairpiece--a cute collection of candy curls which Georgie promptly ripped from her head and threw across the room like a seasoned pitcher. So they tried makeup, starting with something safe: blush. No deal. Georgie screamed and writhed like she was being tortured, causing the blusher to skid across her cheek, over her ear, and into her hair which was still sticking up all over the place.

Grace was determined to win her battle and didn't even hesitate to chase Georgie around the hotel room after she wriggled away from her nanny. Who knew, at eighteen months, a little girl could dodge and weave, speed crawling under the legs of the make-up artist, roll away from the nanny, and shuffle under an armchair. She even had the genius to grab hold of the chair legs in such a death grip, that pulling her moved the chair instead. No amount of coaxing would convince Georgie to let go of that chair. But all the screaming and running tired her out and within five minutes she was fast asleep. Carefully Grace and her assistants made Georgie up, dressed her and hoped for the best.

Georgie remained fast asleep in her Mother's arms as they made their way into the conference room and took their seats. Grace smiled and she got the side eye from the other pageant moms looking at at the stunningly beautiful snoring angel in her arms. When they were called, Grace carefully walked onto the stage. And it happened. As if Georgie could sense it was showtime, she bolted away and let loose an eardrum shattering scream that nearly made her mother drop her. Flushing with humiliation, Grace walked down the runway and smiled at the judges with the shrieking, wiggling baby in her arms. Georgie kicked and wailed, losing both her shoes which went flying towards the judges' table and losing her hair piece which went flying into the audience. Grace hurried off the stage. Georgie settled down as Grace gathered the shoes and the hairpiece. By the time she returned to her seat, Georgie was snoring again.

Alright, Grace said, maybe it was a fluke. Perhaps she was just startled; a nightmare of sorts, jolting her out of her sleep. She felt renewed by Jennifer who gave a stellar performance as usual. With Georgie's makeup fixed, hair reattached, and in her outfit of choice (a ladybug) they took their seats again with sleeping Georgie still in arms. The side eyes became slight smirks as Grace stood in line again waiting for her turn to take Georgie on stage. She had not even got to the middle of the runway when Georgie came out of her sleep again and screamed like a banshee. Only this time she managed to slide out of her mother's arms. Gasps and giggles filled the room as Georgie ran off the stage--whipping off hair and ladybug wings--and out of the conference room with Grace in pursuit. By the time Grace caught up to her, Georgie was out of her shoes and halfway out of her costume.

She wasn't about to risk a third try.

Georgie was scrubbed and dressed in her favorite little jumper when they went back to watch Jennifer win Overall Supreme. And the whole time, Georgie sat in her nanny's lap, laughed and clapped and blew kisses at the people around her.

Grace has yet to forgive her daughter.

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