Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Quiet Place

Comfy Pillows and a Cozy Throw

As a child, I loved a roomy closet, whether it be a walk-in or at least one deep enough to crawl into comfortably and stay a while with a book, a dolly, or a dream.

A Special Reminder.
Over the years, I have used my closets for storage or clothes, assuming that having a whole bedroom was enough of a quiet place to escape to. It is not enough.

Little Altar

For bedrooms can be entered by anyone at any time of the day. Even a "Do Not Disturb" sign becomes negotiable when someone is wanting your time or attention. But only one can fit in a little closet space.

A Picture That Makes Me Smile
And it is a great space for a recharge, or just to sit in quiet solitude.

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